About Me

As I child I always wanted an Easy Bake Oven.  But my mother lovingly told me that if was going to learn to cook it would be double and triple batches.  I grew up on a small farm the the only girl with five hungry brothers - food was production.  I remember freezing 12 dozen ears of corn in a day, and then bottling 100 quarts of tomato juice a couple days later!  It was work from sunup to sundown, but it was with my mother and I loved it.  When I was 14 Mom happily turned much of cooking and menu planning over to me, my brothers were willing to try everything I cooked, almost.  They did endure a few failures, which they still remind me of years later. 

It wasn't too many years later that I found myself married, and before I knew it I had six children.  Menu planning and shopping was the highlight of my week, always done late at night or early in the morning without children in tow!   Grocery stores are delightful at odd hours, and without children.  There are aisles to wander, prices to compare, and new products to see.

I still don't have an Easy Bake Oven, but I did just recently upgrade to a conduction stove and love it!  I cook from scratch and use as many whole, unprocessed, ingredients as I can. Cookies and brownies are my weakness. There is nothing better than a fresh baked cookie at 10 PM!

Several years ago my daughter suggested I may want to start a cooking blog. I laughed at her because I know almost nothing about computers. But I took the challenge and now I have over 400 posts! I share recipes that I love; they must be delicious. Many recipes have not made the cut, I am picky about what I post.

My six children and 14 grandchildren live in 5 different states. My blog is a way to share recipes with each other. My daughters are great cooks, they will often take a turn at posting. They are my technical, mental and moral support! My sweet hubby of 37 years is a willing taste tester. He is also learning to cook. I love it.

 Although Everyday Insanity is mainly a food blog I occasionally blog about a craft or my cute grandchildren. One must have balance. Take a moment and enjoy my blog--it is a journey!


Anonymous said...

So cool! I love your introduction, and I share your feelings about brownies, or any type of chocolate...come to think of it, any type of dessert will do :)

Anonymous said...

Cindy, what changes did you make to Swedish Visiting Cake for high altitude? I am at 7100 feet in Colorado Springs and I also had trouble with the recipe.

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Unknown said...

Coming by to say hello! Thanks for coming by my blog today. I just instantly love you. I am Mormon too! And my husband adopted my first child, he was 9 months when we met, we then had 4 more. We recently started thinking of adopting - loved seeing that on your blog. I will start praying for your family. So excited to meet and to get to know eachother and maybe bring some sanity together into our lives. XO San from A Dash of Sanity