Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pasta Chicken Cashew Salad

It is always a challenge to feed a large group. Cost, amounts, quality and food safety all need to be considered. Although I love to create a colorful buffet table sometimes it is nice to have a beautifully plated meal delivered to your table.
Our menu includes a fruity pasta chicken salad served on a bed of baby greens, an orange roll and a colorful fruit kabob. The salad comes from my good friends Sandy and Mary Ann. These two are great cooks so I know the recipe is a winner.
We will be able to quickly serve our 90 guests a fun summer meal. I think it will be a hit!

Pasta Chicken Cashew Salad
5 cups cooked chicken breast, diced
1 pound red or black seedless grapes, halved
2 Fuji apples, diced
1/2 bunch celery, diced
1 bunch green onions, sliced
12 ounces tiny shell macaroni, cooked
1 can cashews
10 ounces baby salad greens

1 pint Lighthouse Coleslaw Dressing
2 cups mayonnaise

Combine dressing ingredients and mix with salad just before serving. Serve on a bed of greens.
This salad makes about 20 servings (1 cup each)
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Grandma Scott said...

They both look great but I'm going to try a mini version today for lunch.
We should have a "Salad" get together one day....

Julie said...

Some days I just look at your blog and dream about eating dinner at your house everyday... Hmmm.... That would be the life!

Grandma Scott said...

As you know this time I made the recipe again and didn't notice the "20" But after we all ate and I took some to my neighbors. They said it was the "best thing". and I had to take the recipe to them....
Congratulations you are such a great cook !! Thanks for making me look good.

TracyH said...

I loved this salad. I ate all the leftovers from Geneel. How many ounces is the can of cashews?

Anonymous said...

I am definitely doing this but instead of Chicken I will be doing either roasted shrimp or tuna!! Thanks for linking up to Foodie Friday.

Jaime said...

This looks delicious! I think I'll make this tomorrow for lunch. It's great to find a good recipe that I know the kiddos will enjoy as well. Thanks so much for sharing! :-)

Jaime said...

P.S. I want to follow your blog, but the followers section is blank. I'll keep checking back in...it'll give me a good reason to drool over more of your posts. :-)