Friday, March 6, 2015

It's a Quilt!

Seven years ago we were excited to welcome a new grandson to our family. I happily went to the fabric store, purchased some darling fabric, a simple pattern and set out to make a quilt for our new little bundle.
I guess life got in the way. Our grandson Henry was born--the quilt was not finished. If I could quickly finish it/start it I could still give it to him. Some how years passed.
Now Henry is a handsome seven year old. I am happy to say I have finally finished the quilt. It is darling but not quite right for a seven year old boy.
Luckily it matches my front room--so it will still be used to comfort little ones. I imagine it will be perfect to throw on the floor for a little one to play on. It will be used to make a fort for watching a movie or to cover a sleeping grandchild. I'm sure it will still get plenty of use.
Don't worry about Henry--I have a quilt at the quilters right now. It is perfect for a seven year old.

Here is Henry--last summer on a hike to Stewart Falls.

Henry at age 4--what a handsome young man!

With a pieced back and a Scrappy Binding this is one cute quilt!

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Kayte said...

Henry is a cutie! And I am definitely sure that he will enjoy using that quilt at your house time and again. Beautiful work, Cindy.