Sunday, May 24, 2009

In Memory

Every Memorial Day for years we would load all six children in our rusty suburban and go 'grave hopping'. We would begin our trek in Mapleton and finish in Lehi, we would make five or six stops and visit the graves of loved ones.

We would talk of Grandma's Grandma, Grammy's father and Grandma Great. We tried to bring the memory of loved ones alive as we related stories. We walked thru cemeteries, admired beautiful flowers and wondered about lives since past.

This year as we decorated graves I decided I would jot down a memory of my father, maybe I'll even write a childhood memory of my own. Someday I will be 'some one's ancestor' and they just might wonder about me!! Take a moment today, share a memory with your children of a loved one past--better yet write it down!

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Amber said...

I was just telling Tadd I really missed grave hopping this year. I would love to go visit Grandpa's grave, thanks for posting the pictures, it still brings a tear to my eye though. I miss him!