Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Girls Weekend

I have lived long enough to realize that life often does not go as planned. But...I also know that things that are not planned do not happen! With that in mind I decided to plan a 'Girls Weekend'. I started early, eight months ago to be exact. My girls live in 5 different states and have 9 children ages six and under. But plan we did. Flights were purchased, daddies arranged to take time off work, laundry was done, pantry stocked, lists made and my 5 girls were on their way.

We had wonderful weekend that included shopping, cooking, visiting, eating, laughing, sharing and more visiting. We enjoyed a shopping excursion at Orson Gygi's, it is a chefs paradise! It was a beautiful fall day, perfect for wandering at Gardners Village.
 The witches were out! Lunch was at Archibalds, we had a 45 minute wait but no one minded because Pine Needles is close by.

We had fresh Alaskan salmon and shrimp for dinner, Greg was more than happy to provide this meal! The Grandmas spent the evening; we made white chocolate ghosts, witches fingers, bones and mummies. It is amazing what can be accomplished when there are no 'little helpers'!

Saturday was sharing time. My girls are talented and knowledgeable. We learned how to budget better, write our personal history, make laundry detergent for pennies, craft, embrodiery and make marshmellow fondant. What a fun day we had.

Next was a triple shower. Kaytie and Anna are having babies soon and Jen is getting married I would say we had reason to party! Lynne was kind enough to host the party; we had a Halloween party complete with 'finger food'.

It is always fun for cousins and aunts to reconnect and catch up with each other.

Sunday came too soon, the party was winding down, real life was calling. We said goodbye with plans to meet again soon! Thank you girls for a wonderful weekend.


Paul & Kaytie said...

Thanks again Cindy for the wonderful and fun girls weekend. I hope we can plan another one soon. I hope you had a fabulous birthday.

Amy Lindstrom said...

WAIT! I wanna be one of your girls! That sounds like WAY too much fun!

I was so bummed to miss the party! I was there, but only for a day or two, then I had to run back home and save Ry from all the kids and send him off for some hunting.

You are so creative! I have SO much to learn from you!

Amber said...

I didn't want Sunday to come! I could have stayed another week, but I think Tadd & the kids would have missed me too much. Thanks again for the great time. Love you!

Candise said...

Is it time to do girls weekend again? I think I'm ready!

Emily said...

I am so going to be like you when I grow up!