Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wedded Bliss!

We have had a busy couple o f weeks. Max (our youngest) was married Friday August 3, 2012 in the Mt. Timpanogus Temple. It was a beautiful day. The weather cooperated, we were surrounded by family and friends. Jess was radiant and Max couldn't quit smiling. The ceremony was at 9AM, the weather was perfect for photos outside the temple.

We had a luncheon at the Blue Lemon--it is a beautiful  venue, the food was delicious and our event planner was top notch! There is something about eating at a beautiful set table with great service. The food lived up to Blue Lemon standard. And much to the delight of my mother--all six of her children and their companions were in attendance.

Jill sang a love song, Candise did a fun original reading about Max and Jess. My brother did a great wedding video complete with photos, music and interviews. We all got to know Max and Jess a little better. On a lighter note Jess's siblings gave Max a fun basket filled full of items to help Max know how to best treat Jess. In return the Harris gals gave Jess a basket full of items that will help her more fully enjoy life with Max. All had fun.The luncheon ended with both fathers giving loving words to the new Harris Family.

We had a few hours to rest then we were at the Reception Center. The party was outside the most beautiful gardens. Ponds, streams, grass and trees provided a beautiful backdrop for the party. There was a steady stream of family and friends wishing the new couple well. I couldn't ask for a better day!
All my children were there--this hasn't happened for years. What a great day.


Anita Rowe Stafford said...

Cindy, what a happy day and what a beautiful family you have! Best wishes to the young couple, sounds like they are off to a great start surrounded by both families. The basket idea sounds like so much fun!

Live Well With Judi said...

So sorry we didn't make the reception! Brad was out of town and due home the following day, but because of circumstances on their hike, had to come home a day early. So I had his brothers and nephews, and sons and sons in law coming home a day early to find a place to sleep! Needless to say, I was running around like a crazy woman and didn't get to Max's reception. I have a gift for them and will bring it over one day next week. Everything looked like it turned out so lovely. Hugs and see you soon!

Nedra said...

What an attractive couple! It looks like the wedding and all went well. Your Max has always had the cutest smile. And his bride is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the pictures. It's so fun to see your family "all grown up".

Kayte said...

I have tears in my beautiful...all of it. Max looks so grown up, such a man now...and Jess is gorgeous! What wonderful photos of a very beautiful wedding and wedding that blue! Thank you for sharing all of this. I can't believe Max is married!! What a beautiful family. Oh, and I would love to hear what was in those baskets of gifts to the bride and groom to help them adjust to their new lives together! Such a fun idea. xo xo xo xo xo all around...thanks for sharing!