Wednesday, August 20, 2014

8 is Great!

I went to the funeral of a dear friends mother. I was amazed at how the grandchildren talked of her with love, admiration and excitement. Her children and grandchild were spread across the United States but somehow she had managed to help build a wonderful family culture. I had to know more--my children and grandchildren are also miles apart.
I went to lunch with Sara and begged her for info, I wanted to know more about this amazing grandma. Sara told me of how each summer she had the grandchild come to a 'grandma's camp'. They spent time in the mountains, hiked, made family flags and got to know each other. As a result the grandchildren got to know the grandparents better and the cousins built lasting relationships. Somehow I had to implement some form of this in our family.

Eight is Great was born! Greg and I decided to have a Eight is Great Camp for our five oldest grandchildren. We planned, adjusted schedules and made arrangements. We sent out invitations and planned for the big event. And it was a grand event!

We started our Camp with a Eight is Great cheer (remember I am married to a Silver Beaver who knows the value of a great campfire program). We talked for a minute about mining for Gold, Flecks of Gold or little bits of happiness that when combined make one wonderful life. At this point one grandson said, 'this is starting to sound like church'! But Greg knows that a Scoutmaster's Minute really should be a minute. We quickly started the activities! Which included:
--a Dutch oven dessert, Cherry Surprise Cake
--star gazing
-- LED finger lights
--sleeping out under the stars
--a hike to Stewart Falls
--cookout in the canyon
--water slide
--decorating canvas backpacks with fabric markers
--a rousing hour of Tenzi
--decorating treasure boxes--complete with stamped postcards and address labels, we hoped to encourage communication with cousins
--singing to the radio as we traveled about
--a movie, How to Train Your Dragon 2
--no event would be complete without dinner at Taco Amigo
--we had a good-bye cheer and talked of 'next time'.

This all took place in 48 hours! It was a perfect amount of time, for the children and grandparents. It really was a magical event. It was exciting to see the grandchildren get to know each other. I do think it was the beginning of something wonderful!
Thanks to my children for helping us make this happen. In two years we will have 4 more over eight year olds. I think I better start planning!

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Nedra said...

You are wonderful grandparents! I have always admired your and Greg's commitment to family. One of the ladies I VT has Grandma Camp, too. I like your idea of bringing them together once they turn 8 (for larger families. We only have 3 grandbabies so far, so it would be easy to include them all.