Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Maren

I just finished the cutest quilt for granddaughter Maren. Last summer I took Maren to visit a friend of mine. She lives in a beautiful home and is an excellent decorator. Maren walked in the living room and whispered 'Nana, I love these colors'! The front room was decorated boldly in yellow and gray.
And just like that a quilt was born! I started with just yellow and gray--striking yes but I wanted the quilt to have a pre-teen feel so I added a few floral prints and a bit of red and pink.
This is a happy quilt. Maren is bright and energetic; she loves to chat, read and bake cookies. I also like to chat, read and bake cookies. I love to spend time with Maren--she is a delight!
This quilt was so fun to make. I learned the importance of a perfect 1/4 inch seam. Being just a few threads off adds up quickly. I have a few blocks that didn't quite make it into the quilt. They are reminders of what happens when one gets just a little off track. Small mistakes add up in quilting as they do in life.
The pattern for this quilt is in Growing Up Modern by Allison Harris. It is not a difficult quilt but it did take time, probably because I am just learning. Actually this is a great pattern to learn basic quilting skills--rotary cutting, straight stitch sewing and pressing. Happy Birthday Maren!


Kayte said...

Oh that quilt is so beautiful It is stunningly gorgeous...just like Maren! Love all the photos, so precious, Cindy.

Candise said...

I loved everything about this quilt! I have no doubt it will be loved for years.