Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quilt in a Day (or year)

I think I like to cook because you get instant gratification. If you mix butter, sugar, flour. salt, eggs and chocolate you have yummy treats in 12 minutes. That is my kind of project. I didn't mind the cookie bars I made with TWD, they mix up fairly quick, bake 25 minutes, cool 2 hours and then refrigerate for an hour. A little more involved but I am ok with it. I have beans soaking overnight so I can make refried beans tomorrow. Not quite instant, I even like to bake with yeast which does require some patience. Where is this post going?

It is about a hobby that is NOT instant! I sewed for the first 12 years of marriage, I made about everything my kids wore--it was out of necessity but I enjoyed the creative outlet. I took classes, I taught classes. So I'm excited to get back into sewing; more specifcaly quilting, less calories.

A sweet gal in our neighborhood was willing to teach a beginning quilting class. I was excited, the quilt was entitled  'Quilt in a Day', it is a 'tossed nine patch', I can do this I thought. I had no problem purchasing the fabric. I am good at buying supplies and patterns, oh the possibilities. I got started...then a year passed. So much for the 'quilt in a day'. Thanks to the encouragement of the ladies in our quilt club and a excited three year old, I finally finished my 'Quilt in a Day'.

I was so proud of myself for finishing a project that had been on my to do list for 70 weeks! I have another quilt started, it's not moving much faster. I want to make a quilt for each of my grandchildren. One done, nine to go. I hope no one is in a hurry to get their quilt!

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