Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TWD: Cocoa-nana Bread

 I'm not usually a fan of banana bread--it tastes so much like bananas. Well Dorie has solved that problem quite nicely. The addition of cocoa and semi-sweet chocolate gives banana bread an entire new look and taste. I think it is delicious. Dorie describes the bread as cracked with crevices along the top. My loaves certainly were cracked with crevices, and it's ok!
I cooked my bread in Pampered Chefs Stoneware Mini Loaf pan. I wanted to share this delicious treat, I love the cute little loaves this pan produces. I am a fan of Semi-Sweet baking bars made by Ghirardelli, little bits of this bar really added to the fun flavor of the bread.

I would say this bread was a delicious success. Steph at "obsessed with baking" is the host this week, check her blog for the recipe. The blogroll at TWD is a fun place to see what many other bakers did with this recipe.


Flourchild said...

Your bread is wonderful moist! I added some goodies to my bread!

Steph said...

Thanks for baking along! I'm glad your husband enjoyed this.

Pamela said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your little loaves look fabulous. I think the cracks gave this bread some delicious character. Pretty pics, too!

Unknown said...

I'm not a giant fan of banana bread either (same reason you gave) but this one was such a perfect combo with such a mild banana flavor. It was a wonderful surprise and my family loved it!
Love your photos!

Anonymous said...

Your minis are so cute! I like banana bread, but adding chocolate sounds like a pretty good idea.

Jacque said...

Your little coco-nana loaves are so cute! I need to check out that pan.