Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let's Dance

Greg and I took a little road trip today. A drive to Idaho seemed a small price to pay to see EJ dance in her very first dance recital. What a program, an hour of non-stop dancing. EJ was the youngest dancer the oldest was over 60. Tap, clogging, ballet, what an enjoyable evening.

Looks like we have one exhausted dancer!


cocoa and coconut said...

She's adorable! That's such a nice thing you did to go and see her. Trust me, when she is older she will have such a lovely memory because you guys came. I speak from experience!

Cindy said...

The night couldn't have been better. Great company, a fun show, a trophy, and of course brownies!

Cindy said...

We'll drive 7 hours to see our granddaughter in her recital next month, can't wait! They are so adorable, it means so much to her.

Kayte said...

She's so cute! She looks so happy to have you all there. Thanks for sharing. I hope I get a granddaughter as all these guys around here are really unwilling to put on makeup and dresses (for which I am extremely grateful, but you get my point...nothing cute going on in all these years!!!).