Saturday, July 23, 2011

Family Reunion

Random thoughts on family reunions...
--If you don't plan them they don't happen
--They are a lot of work
--Most people don't RSVP till the day before

--To a child they are magical, they shape their lives
--My 83 year old Mother was so happy to see all the wonderful people in her life
--My Father would have loved every minute of it

--They keep relationships alive
--Reunions help you realize you are part of a bigger picture
--It's always good to remember that you have many people that love and care about you
--Reunions build a family culture

--Family members are more than happy to help plan and execute a reunion for 100
--My family is very generous
--Since I have 5 siblings, I will plan the next family reunion in 2017!!


Nedra said...

I know your mom must have been so thrilled to see so many of her posterity come together. I remember your parents lovely backyard. It's also fun to see pictures of your children all grown up now.

Erica said...

Oh Cindy, this post made me SO want to be there! It looks like so much fun! I will cross my fingers that I can go to the next one. I am so sad I missed out. And I am sorry that I did not rsvp. I am TERRIBLE. Don't put me on your bad list just yet....:) Thanks for posting!

Kayte said...

How much fun are these to see these happy smiley faces...that slide looks like so much fun!! What a great deal for everyone. Hugs.