Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Now That's Eggciting"

I have been playing with rubber stamps for the better part of 20 years. Just something I like to dabble in. I'm not really a saver--my craft room can only hold so much. So I'll purchase a stamp set play with it for a time and when I get tired of it I will give it to someone else who will love it. Styles change--designers are always coming out with something new and different.

 I had a set years ago, played with it for a time and then passed it on. Guess what I missed that set! Of course it was not available. So I scoured E-bay (most everything is on E-bay) and found it for a fair price. What is this set that makes me smile every time I use it?? "Best of Cluck" by Stampin' Up!
For some reason having chickens seem to be the 'in' thing today. So I have plenty of friends that will enjoy these 'corny' cards!


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Nedra said...

I think it was you who introduced me to Stampin Up? When we moved to AZ I gave away huge bins of stamps. Just didn't use them anymore. I wished I had thought to give them to you.