Saturday, April 24, 2010

TWD Swedish Visiting Cake--Revisited

I really don't like cooking failures, who does? It seems that 99% of TWD bakers loved Swedish Visiting Cake, it was quick to make and bake. Many voted it among the top 5 recipes in Dories cookbook. It was a simple recipe that did not work for me.

So I had to try it again; this time making a few minor adjustments for my high altitude. I am happy to say my Swedish Visiting Cake was a success. It was delicious with vanilla ice cream  and whipped cream. It was good for breakfast. This is a cake I will certainly make again. The recipe can be found on Nancy's Blog.


Kayte said...

So happy you gave this a rerun and enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

What did you change in the recipe for high altitude? I am at 7100 feet and also had trouble.