Friday, February 15, 2013

Do Over by Shannon Guymon--Blog Tour & Giveaway (ends Wed Feb.20th)

I was so excited to read Shannon Guymon's new book Do Over. Shannon was my neighbor for a short time. I knew her as an amazing mother and neighbor, Shannon does hard things with class. I've enjoyed following her blog so I know she is a great writer.

What is Do Over??

  • It is the book you want to take on vacation.
  • It includes a 'jilted bride'.
  • It takes place in Alpine Utah.
  • It mentions Kohlers, Park City, The Loop etc.
  • It is fun to read a book that takes place in ones back yard!
  • The hero is tall, handsome and has also been jilted.
  • It has a snarky, rude sister-in-law.
  • It has parents that are overprotective and controlling.
  • It has parents that are kind, loving and helpful.
  • It has a construction worker that keeps you laughing.
  • It has a group of girl friends--friends that stand up for each other but are not afraid to do what's right.

Do Over was a delightful read. As a parent with grown children I found myself hoping I was the kind, loving, helpful type of parent--not the overprotective, controlling parent. Do Over is full of people with strong personalities. It takes a strong person to admit when they are wrong.
You can relax, read Do Over, and simply enjoy a fun romance. (And there is nothing wrong with that!)  It is fun and very well written. Or, you can read a little deeper and look at the personalities of each character. How do they handle disappointment, how do they handle success? How do I handle disappointments, success and stress? Shannon has taken a fun romance to the next level. Thank you Shannon for Do Over, I can see it being an excellent book club read. There is so much to discuss.

The publisher is offering one of my readers a copy of Do OverCheck out Shannon's Blog; take a look at what she is up to, and what else she has written.  Then come back and leave me a comment.  Which book do you want to read when you finish Do Over? Contest ends Wednesday February 20th.


B said...

Shannon is so cute. I am so happy she got to be on TV. I have a lot of books I want to read next. I'm starting one called "Chocolate Covered Baloney" that's super cute so far.

Unknown said...

It's always nice to read some thing fun and light...this one looks great! And there is so much garbage out there to read, it would be nice to pick up something clean and tasteful!

her other books have great reviews, I wouldn't mind reading them all!

cmjeppsen said...

I have read all of her other books, and they are all great! Love Shannon Guymon!

Amber said...

I second Jill! I wouldn't mind reading them all!

Grandma Scott said...

I always read you blog... I am going to check it out on Amazon and see if I can download it !!.

Paul & Kaytie said...

I always enjoy a good easy read. They all look great but if I had to choose one right now it would be A Trusting Heart. I look forward to reading Do Over.

chersten said...

I'm with Amber and Jill, I could read them all. It's also always fun to read something with local landmarks that you are familiar with.

Susan said...

Always looking for good recommendations on books. Thanks for the review

99beetle said...

I love reading Shannon's books! If I was going to read one of them next I would choose Makeover. So much fun and oh, so familiar!

Unknown said...

My mom told me about the giveaway and now I'm glad she did. All of Shannon's books sound good! I will definitely have to put them on my list of books to read. :)

KaLee said...

I don't know which book I would read first, as they all look great. I love books that I can get lost in and feel good about when I am done.

Erica said...

Oooh! These books all look so good. I agree with KaLee, I love getting lost in a book! All of her books look great. I might read Makeover after this one if I had to choose.

Erica said...
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Get off your butt and BAKE! said...

Hi Cindy,

This is Jonna from Get off your butt and Bake. I just wanted to drop by and say Hi, and thanks for the sweet message!

I think I should read that book. I grew up in Evanston, WY, so I can relate to the surrounding areas and the "do over" mentality at my age after raising four daughters.
I also have a daughter named Shannon!

I will be back!


Debra Eliotseats said...

Sorry I missed this but will still check out the blog and book. Trust me, I need a good, funny read right about now.

Gloria - The Ginger Snap Girl said...

I'm always looking for a good book. Sorry I missed the giveaway! Will check it out.

Unknown said...

What a great book review - I have not read anything by Shannon previously, but definitely want to read this now!

Kate x