Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Scott

Our oldest son Scott has a birthday today--here are a few things I don't want to forget about Scott:
  • The big blue sign Greg painted that hung above our driveway. In big blue bold letters it said:
  • It's A Boy. Everyone that drove into Cedar Hills knew that the Harris Family had a new baby boy.
  • I don't want to forget how cute Scott was. He had plenty of dark hair that had a mind of it's own. I may or may not have used a little gel on Scott's hair to keep it in place.
  • When Scott was about 2 years old he was so ornery and clingy for a couple of weeks. I finally took him to the doctor. I knew he must have strep or an ear infection. Dr. Bachelor gave him a thorough check up and said, he's fine--you just have one ornery boy on your hands!
  • Scott wanted to be just like his dad. Greg had a t shirt with the number 88 on it. Scott insisted he needed one just like it. So I went to the place in the mall where they made shirts and had 2 more 88 shirts made, one for Scott and one for baby brother Paul. They wore them for years.
  • Greg was so excited to take his young 3 year old on a manly outing. They decided to go pheasant hunting. After a couple of hours of chasing the dog and a 3 year old Greg decided maybe he wasn't quite old enough to hunt! I told Greg it was 8 when my brothers were young. He agreed!
  • But seeing the wonder and fascination in Scott's eyes as he got older and saw the ducks, pheasants and deer Greg brought home. We knew that hunting would certainly be a part of Scott's future--and it was.
  • Greg and I tried to go on a Friday night date. We hired capable sitters that enjoyed our children. I felt they were very safe. For some reason Scott didn't feel the same way. He was 4 or 5 and as soon as we left Scott would curl up in a corner of the front room and take a nap. He awoke when we got home. Just his way of coping I guess.
  • Scott was generous, he had a full time summer job when he was 15 working at Professional Heating. Wow, so much money. He wasn't big on saving but he bought all his own clothes, he paid his school fees, bought some hunting gear etc. But the thing that impressed me the most was his generous nature. He paid for all of Paul's burgers, fries, Big Chill's and "bin" food. He would pick groceries up for me and never ask for money. Scott was a fun teenager. We enjoyed his friends, 'the fellas', put up with Mid Night Foot Ball Games. And somehow against our better judgement he went on a 10 day senior trip to California.
  • Scott served an honorable mission to  Sao Paulo, Brazil. He married the beautiful Chersten Wilkes, a neighbor and friend. They have 3 beautiful daughters and one sweet son. My favorite thing is to watch Scott be a Dad--he reminds me of Greg.
  •  Scott works hard for his family. He speaks Spanish, Portuguese and English. He worked for the Border Patrol for several year and achieved the honor of being a member of the BorStar. He has a degree in Criminal Justice, he is trained in all kinds of rescue techniques and he is a Paramedic. He now works for the Federal Government as a DEA Agent.

 We love you Scott--keep doing great things!



Nedra said...

I think he looks just like his dad! Same smile and everything. What a great young man you have raised.

chersten said...

It's good to know that Gregory gets his clinginess and orneriness from his Dad! I have to agree with Cindy, Scott is the best husband and Dad.

Grandma Scott said...

I think all that orneriness went away,when he was very little,
I only know the kind man that calls his Grandma on her birthday and always has a fun laugh and smile for everyone.... Love you Scotty... I too think you are a great husband, father,son, and grandson....XOXOX

Kayte said...

What a beautiful tribute to your son, Cindy. I cried when I was reading it, just feeling all the specialness that is his self! :-)