Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Jill

Today is Jill's birthday--these are some things I don't want to forget about Jill.

She was my only child that came early. She was a full week early, what a fun surprise. My labor and delivery with Jill was easy. I think I checked in the hospital around midnight and she was born 2 hours later. That's quick for me. Her Dad was awestruck with her beauty, he remembers holding her shortly after birth and marveling at the miracle of creation.

We were older when we had Jill (like 30). Candise was 8, Amber was 7, Scott was 5 and Paul was 3. Although we were busy we enjoyed having just one baby. Jill's sibling adored her.

Jill had plenty of beautiful dark hair. At two weeks I had a hair appointment. I took Jill with me and she got her first trim. Jill was a beautiful little gal with a calm disposition.

She was a delight to have around. I never bothered to enroll her in pre-school because I wanted to be with her.She was just a fun happy child.

Her favorite past time was coloring and cutting. She also enjoyed riding her trike (that just had two wheels) around in circles in the carport.

Jill enjoyed outings with her Dad, not just the usual Daddy Daughter stuff. She enjoyed hiking with him and Max to White Rock Meadow to roast marshmallows. She loved family dinners at the canyon where we made foil dinners and fished. With Greg there were always fish to be caught. Hiking Mt. Timpanogos was always a grand adventure.

Jill had many close friends. They were always up to something fun, a scavenger hunt, a play or turning my house into a giant spider web with black yarn.

Jill loved her Laramie cousins KaLee and Erica. She spent some time in Laramie and every time KaLee and Erica came to Utah the first stop was our house.

Jill has the most positive disposition--she knows thing will work out and she works hard to see that they do.

Jill married her college sweetheart Scotty. They have been blessed with 3 beautiful children--that we just adore. Jack, Bianca and Delaney. Scott and Jill both graduated from UVU when Bianca was just a month old and Jack was one and a half. It was a wild ride but they made it work. Don't tell Jill she can't do something because she will prove you wrong every time!

You go girl! We love you much and are so happy to be your parents.
Love, mom and dad


Nedra said...

and she has the most fabulous smile!
Happy Birthday Jill!

Erica said...

Happy Birthday to Jill! Love her! It is true, your house was the one destination we had in mind when visiting. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, mama!!! I'm lucky to have such wonderful parents...I love you!!

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake said...

Aw, such a sweet post! You are blessed, my friend!

PS...I made your brownies from D. Lebovitz yesterday...LOVED by all!!

Andrea_TheKitchenLioness said...

Cindy, what a touching post - all the best to your daughter, she has an adorable smile!
Have a wonderful Sunday - and Liz is right, you are indeed blessed!

Beth said...

What a lovely post! Happy birthday to Jill.

Julie said...

What a sweet post, Cindy. And a very happy birthday to your daughter. :)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! What a wonderful post about your daughter. I can't believe she got her first trim at 2weeks!

momto8 said...

beautiful!! You guys are blessed to have each other!
and Happy birthday Jill!

Amber said...

You forgot to mention that Jill has the voice of an angel and the disposition to match! I love Jill!

Kayte said...

What fun to read about Jill! Happy Birthday to you both. I can see a lot of you found its way into Jill...yes, indeed!