Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Insanity

Often visits from my grand kids end in emergency room trips. Once Bianca dislocated an elbow. The next trip she was getting out out of the bathtub and slipped and fell on the tile. This required another trip to the ER. That same trip as the family was heading home. Jill hit black ice/slush on I-15 just outside of Salt Lake City. That was not pretty. Jill took the bulk of the hit. She had cuts and scraps and a few broken ribs. Cousin Rachel who was pregnant at the time was kept for observation--luckily all was well. Jack and Bianca strapped in their car seat were luckily safe. It could have been tragic but just ended inconveniently.

So I always hold my breath when Jill visits, waiting for something to happen. It did--Jack put a Roley Poley up his nose. This scare required a trip to the Dr. A very dead bug was removed. I assumed that along with the silver Pirate tooth was enough for one visit. I spoke too soon. After a 4 month stay Jill, Candise and I were busily packing things. Bianca ran to the house and told us Jack was hurt--bad. Jill scaled the fence and found Jack more than whimpering in pain--he was screaming. Now Jack never cries; we knew he was hurt. We did the usual things, can you bend your arm, wiggle your finger etc. It was evident another Dr visit was in order. So off we went to the pediatric clinic--we now have their number on speed dial.
It appeared broken so a soft cast was applied. Ex-Rays were taken the next morning after much debate the doctors decided it was indeed broken. Due to swelling a cast was not put on till Monday. Welcome home Jack, first stop the doctors office!
Oh and my washing machine broke, yet again!.


Amber said...

I love that his T shirt says "DANGER"!! Glad they are home safe without any more accidents!

Delectably Green said...

Oh Cindy!!! I need to make you a cup of tea - or maybe something stronger! Thank goodness everyone is ok!!
Mary x

Anita Rowe Stafford said...

Oh Cindy, what a post! Your grandchildren are precious, so sorry about all the bad luck!

Nedra said...

And he has such an angelic face! Maybe he's got his quota in and will done with emergency room visits for a life time.
Does this mean Jill has moved out?

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake said...

Oh, rats. Poor little guy! Hope his arm is feeling better~

Grandma Scott said...

Wow... what a time all of you have had... Jack.. get well fast. Jill.. things have got to get better they will grown up. Cindy I'll look forward to seeing your new washing machine.
Everyone just keep smiling !!

Cakelaw said...

LOL - what would life be without this excitement. Love the photos of the grandkiddies - they are adorable.