Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's a Grad!!

It's that time of year when graduation announcements fill my mail box. I love to see their smiling faces and look into their eyes and wonder what the future holds.
I do know the future holds a card from Greg and me with a gift card to Chick-Fil-A, my favorite fast food restaurant. Good luck Grads!


Michelle Wilkes said...

So cute! Almost makes me wish I was in school again so I could get one!


Grandma Scott said...

Great Idea !! I was happy you introduced me to Chick Fil-A
It's good even if your not graduating.

Lizzy said...

These are great! Since I have a grad this year, I'm giving a way LOTS of gift cards :)

Eliotseats said...

Very cute cards. I made gift bags for all our grads with very simple things: playdough, bubbles, jelly bellies, and stickers. The message was don't be afraid to be a kid!

Kayte said...

Fun cards, very elegant and lovely, I love the clean look of them...so wonderful to include a gift card like that...will remember this, thanks!