Friday, March 7, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Craft

My sweet neighbor gal knocked on my door--apron in hand wanting to know if we could bake today. Emma likes making cookies as much as I do. I was ready with a fun food project that is easy and tasty. Kids can do more than just watch--Emma was happy to separate mini M&M's, dip Oreo's, decorate and clean up. This project takes under an hour--it is fun for the entire family.

 Supplies needed:
Oreo Cookies--we chose Mint because we were going with a green theme, you really could dip any cookie or pretzel. How about dipping Thin Mints--yummy.
White, Milk Chocolate or Semi Sweet Melting Discs--purchase at craft stores, Winco or my favorite, Gygi's
Sprinkles--green for St. Patrick's Day
Mini M&M's--we picked out the green ones
Edible Eyes--purchased at Gygi's
Melt chocolate discs in the microwave. Dip Oreo a little over half way. Put on parchment lined sheet. Decorate dipped cookies as desired. We had a great time--you can too. This activity can be adapted to any holiday or season. Sprinkles are inexpensive and come in a variety of designs. Have a package of Oreo Cookies in the storage room and you are ready for a quick activity. Chocolate melting discs are a staple in my kitchen--a chocolate drizzle can make most anything look and taste better!


Nedra said...

You are such a GOOD neighbor :) That little girl will tell stories of growing up by you for years to come. Cute project.

Debra Eliotseats said...

So cute. Both your neighbor and the Oreo treats!

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