Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sugared Almonds--A 'How To' Post

Sugared Nuts
See the progression of the sugared almonds. 1 cup nuts to 1/4 cup sugar. Start on medium heat, stir often--like don't leave the stove. This is not the time to multi-task. Try it and you just might end up with burnt almonds, I know! When the sugar melts the almonds brown quickly--stir continually. They are easy to burn. Pull them off the heat at the desired brownness. Pour on a large dinner plate that has been sprayed with Pam.
Cool and break up if desired. Serve on any salad--especially good on Strawberry Spinach Salad. I buy bulk sliced or slivered almonds at Sprouts or Winco. Costco also had sliced almonds. Sugared pecans also work, same measurements. You could also chop the pecans first. Whole sugared nuts are great snacks.
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Unknown said...

I love sugared nuts. They are so easy to make at home vs. the expensive ones at the store. I usually bake mine, I will have to try out your stove top method!