Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just Family!

Our 5 married children all live in different states, we try hard to keep in touch. We blog, call, text, skype and send letters, cards and drawings. This is good but a surprise/unplanned visit is always a treat. When you don't know you are having company you don't stress about 'getting ready'. It is a good thing! My kids are great houseguests--they clean, cook and do laundry. I relax, read stories, laugh, get hugs and kisses and enjoy every moment. It is so fun watching your children parent. Being a grandparent really is fun.
So we were happy to welcome our son and his sweet wife and their 4 children. Gregory, the newest addition to their family was just 2 weeks old. They made the long journey from Texas and spent a week with us.

And a good time was had by all! Happy New Year, looking forward to good things in 2011.


Kayte said...

Cutest photos EVER...thanks for sharing, those are all just darling darling children (and the big ones are cute, too)! I figured from the lack of posting around here lately that someone was in town or you were out visiting. Happy New Year to you all and our best to you in 2011 dear friend!

Emily Wilkes said...

That picture of Gregory is priceless! Everyone loves Nana Cindy including my own girls . . . Thanks for the fun movie afternoon.

Grandma Scott said...

What great pictures... Is is so fun to see the joy of grandparenting... The baby is a doll and the girls are beautiful..
Being a grandparent if the greatest and "Great" not so bad when you share these darlings..