Saturday, August 13, 2011


Just how many activities can one grandchild and two grandparents fit into 48 hours:
  • water coloring
  • bug catching/spider feeding
  • moon gazing
  • breakfast out
  • swimming pool
  •  zoo visit
  • bean burrito at our favorite fast food joint
  • crayon cupcakes 
  • otter pops
  • stories read
  • stories told
  • I'm thinking of...
  • tree climbing

How lucky can two grandparents be!!


Kayte said...

I'm thinking pretty lucky indeed, as is your granddaughter!! It's a good thing there are two of you sharing all this is all I can think...that is a lot to fit into 48 Hours! I wonder how much you and I could fit into 48 hours??? That would be fun to see.

Nedra said...

She is one lucky girl to have so much attention from her grandparents. Happy memories that will last a lifetime.

Candise said...

Eliza Jane still talks daily about her adventures with Nana and Grandpa. She is the luckiest gal around!