Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just a Memory

Sundays were pretty predictable in the Lindstrom house when I was a child. We fought over the funny papers, they were in color. Sunday School started promptly at 10, Mom would make sure all six of us were dressed in our finest and off we went. Dad stayed home, when questioned why he got to stay home his answer was, do what your mother says. And we did.
Sunday dinner was a meal not to be missed. It was also predictable but that was ok because it was delicious. Roast beef, mashed potatoes, brown gravy, hot rolls, frozen corn and Jello. Now that was a feast! With eight people at the table conversation was always enjoyable. Dad had plenty of stories to tell. We love Sunday Dinner. No one left the kitchen till all the dishes were done. Now I have 5 brothers and they are pretty good in the kitchen.
After dinner we would all retire to our big living room. More stories and pleasant chatter. The boys would often get restless and start to wrestle. Dad would say, if you want to fight take it outside. They usually didn't want to fight that bad!
Sunday afternoons often included a ride in the Plymouth or Buick touring car. In the fall we would ride 'around the loop' and see the beautiful fall colors. In the summer we might go to the zoo or to see Aunt Ruth and Uncle Mark in Salt Lake City. Winter time often meant sleigh riding or maybe a trip to Grand Central to see the Christmas decorations. I think we felt like if we were together we were keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.
One thing we did every Sunday was ride to Lehi, five miles away, and see Grandma College. She was always there sitting in her chair, crocheting with a smile on her face. We knew she was waiting for us! She was so happy to see us, our hour visit went quickly. But we knew we would be back next Sunday.
Our children had the luxury of visiting Grandparents every Sunday and often in between as they lived just a few minutes away.
Now I am the Grandmother and guess whose grandchildren live all across the country?? Mine. So what do we do on Sunday? We skype! Luckily we live in an age where technology has made the miles a little closer.
I read stories while skyping. Not quite the same as cuddling a little one but it works. I get 'kisses and hugs' virtually. Hugs and kisses from a two year old are always a good thing.


Anita Stafford said...

Being the Grandmother is special, isn't it? I am lucky enough to have one of my grandchildren in the same town with me, but two of mine are away like yours. Nice post!

jill said...

that post made me tear up a little bit mom...I wish we could sit in your living room and listen to stories every sunday!!

We miss you! I'm sure Jack will be eager to skype you all about school tomorrow!

Kayte said...

Different locations, but our growing up years are much the same, lots of family and extended family around and Sundays ALWAYS family day, don't even think about not doing family things on Sunday. Miss those days as we are all spread out so far and wide now that those times are fewer and farther between. Love Skype for those reasons...easy to keep in touch and can do things like reading or helping with homework!! Wonderful post.

Nedra said...

What a great idea to read stories over Skype! You are such a wonderful grandmother. Knowing your heritage of great story tellers, I'm sure your children will continue with their children.

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

I LOVE this post Cindy! Every last little thing about it! LOVE IT!

Grandma Scott said...

So glad your sharing stories...with us olds kids' too.
It is so fun to hear about you when you were little.