Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blog Award

I have never been honored with a blog award! My blog started mostly as a place where I could catalog my recipes so my daughter would have easy access to them. But because of the wonderful web I have blogging friends all over. They cook, craft, sew, quilt raise cute kids, etc. This award was graciously given to me by Anita at Aunt Nubby's Kitchen. A blog where you always feel at home and there is plenty of wonderful food.


The rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are:

1.  Thank the blogger who awarded you and link back to them.
2.  Share 7 things about yourself
3.  Pass the award along to 5 other newly discovered blogs.

So here are the 7 things you may not know about me:
1.  I don't watch TV at all.
2.  I have 5 brothers and no sisters
3.  I think one can never have too many shoes or purses.
4.  I don't drink, not even a cup of coffee, I do like a Diet Coke with Fresh Lime--made at a local drive-in
      called the Purple Turtle.   
5. The only fast food I really enjoy is Chick-fil-a
6.  I have had 7 back/neck surgeries
7.  I cook because I can't afford to eat where I want to!

And the best part - 5 blogs to honor with the Versatile Blogger Award:


Beth said...

Congratulations on the win! And thanks for the fun facts. It's always great knowing a little more about the bloggers I follow.

Grandma Scott said...

You deserve many awards... Your the best cook I know...

jill said...

It's true, you DO deserve many are quite fabulous, mom!

Nedra said...

Oh, thanks Cindy! I'm just catching up after being gone for the wedding.
It was fun to learn a few new things about you. (I didn't know you didn't watch TV)
Congratulations on your win!