Thursday, October 6, 2011

One Good Hot Roll

My mother has been the designated 'roll maker' for all my life. She makes wonderful hot rolls, she kneads them by hand and lovingly rolls them out and dips them in butter as she places them on the pan. Dinner was always better when Mom made hot rolls. Mom still makes hot rolls, but not very often. She's 83 for pete's sake and deserves a rest.

So that means if we want hot rolls it is up to me. Yes, I can make hot rolls I have and I could do it again if necessary. But I have found a 'Semi-Homemade' answer to the problem. It starts with Rhodes Frozen Roll Dough. The recipe is simple. Remove desired rolls from freezer and place on a plate. Cover with plastic wrap for about 1 hour. You don't want the rolls to raise, just come to room temperature. Brush rolls with melted butter, lots of it. Now brush the rolls with mayonnaise, again use plenty of it. Roll the butter/mayonnaise laden rolls in fresh grated Parmesan cheese. They will look like furry little snow balls. Sprinkle with your choice of seasoning. I like garlic salt and Pampered Chef's Italian seasoning. Place in muffin tins that have been brushed with, you guessed it, plenty of butter. Cover with plastic wrap and let raise till double. Bake as directed on package.
Serve this tasty roll with pasta or any dish. Or just eat them plain. This is one good roll.


Beth said...

Looks great! Homemade bread (or semi-homemade) is always good.

Amber said...

I love the new blog design. Rebecka did an awesome job on it!

The rolls look amazing. There is nothing better than freshly baked bread.

Kayte said...

Looks very nice...and love the tops of those! That said, tell Mom I want her recipe, too...soon! Guys are all about rolls/buns/bread/etc. around here.